Gerardo Cornejo Velez

Gerardo Cornejo Velez, a serial entrepreneur and seasoned expert in private equity and venture capital, has always been interested in the agricultural sector. Gerardo is the CEO of Legacy Investments in the UK. While all of Legacy’s investments build toward a more sustainable and socially connected world, the company’s focus on agriculture has been particularly noted by the public.

The supply and demand paradigm in agriculture has shifted, and major outlets such as Fortune and have already made the grim prediction that “the next world war will be fought over food.” That’s why Gerardo and the Legacy team value new innovations in agriculture, and when they invest in these innovations, the effects are twofold: creating more sustainable food production and cultivation methods leads to new jobs for people in rural areas.

Gerardo Cornejo Velez is the Chairman and Shareholder of Invernay, a company which plans to become a leader in agricultural production of high-tech hydroponic greenhouses. The company is also poised to become a major exporter of horticultural products from Mexico. Invernay is on IRIS, an initiative of the Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN). Gerardo is proud to lead a company that is making strides in cleaner, safer food production in the municipality of Xalisco, Nayarit.

As a professional Gerardo is experienced in growing companies both domestically and internationally. He earned his MBA in Business Administration and Management from the University of Oxford – Said Business School in 2008, and he has led numerous companies to success. Through Invernay Gerardo plans to make a serious impact in international markets and corner hydroponic greenhouse production, distributed over two hundred hectares.

Invernay is strategically allied with numerous important organizations, including the Mexican Federal Government Entrepreneurship Fund (INADEM), New Ventures Mexico, and Impact Reporting and Investment Standards (IRIS). It is also an active member of the Produce Marketing Association (PMA) as of 2015.

Through Generación Impacto, an accelerator program for early-stage entrepreneurs, Invernay has won awards from Endeavor and IBM in mentoring sessions.