Hydroponics 101 – What are the Different Hydroponics Systems? (cont.)

  If you’ve been following this blog, you’ve seen posts in my mini series “Hydroponics 101”.  In the most recent post in this series, I started the explanation of the various of hydroponics systems available. In that post, I covered two of the systems, Drip and Water Culture. This month, I’ll explore two other systems: Ebb & Flow and Wick… Read more →

African Tomato Crops Susceptible to Huge Damages in Traditional Agriculture Setup

Traditional farming methods are (obviously) still actively being used across most of the world. While in-ground farming is most often fruitful, it’s incredibly susceptible to outside forces, which can lead to relative disaster. One such situation is currently taking place in Africa. Tuta Absoluta have invaded the African continent and are wreaking havoc on tomato crops all over the continent;… Read more →

Hydroponics 101 – What are the Different Hydroponics Systems?

Last month, I began a mini series highlighting the basics of hydroponics systems. As a continuation of that theme, I’ll be touching on the different types of systems that fall under the Hydroponics Systems. There are six systems in total: Drip System, Water Culture, Ebb&Flow, Wick System, Nutrient Film Technique (N.F.T.), and Aeroponics.   This month I’m going to address… Read more →

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Hydroponics 101 – What is Hydroponics & Why Is It Important?

Hydroponics is a hot topic in the realm of agriculture. It’s rapidly gaining popularity; some thought leaders are even calling it “The Future of Agriculture”, and with good reason. Society has long shifted away from the nomadic, hunter-gatherer lifestyle, and we now rely on farming as a means of sustenance. As the population (and its affluence) increases, the demand for… Read more →